Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trim and TV

We have started fabricating the teak trim for the Liberty interior. Below is the bed fiddle.
Here is the starboard side cantilevered table. The two stripes are where we have embedded carbon fiber tows top and bottom to help prevent the top from flexing. We also will apply a layer of unidirectional glass fabric to the top and bottom surfaces to make it stiff. The top will have a 1/4" thick granite sheet installed and this won't take much flexing without cracking.

Above there is a hole where the TV will slide up when desired. Below is the frame that will hold the TV.
This is the bulkhead that will be below the cantilevered table.
Here is a better view of the hole for the TV. These are bags of lead shot that we are using to hold the table down while we are gluing it in place.

More photos soon.

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