Friday, May 16, 2008

Completing Reuel Parkers 14' periagua

We are finishing this little boat off today so we can play with in the keys this weekend. We are going to Islamorada to attend the Wharram rendezvous. Here we have turned the boat back upright and installed seats and are working on a small foredeck.

Reuel added this skeg to help the boat track better. The original design didn't have one to facilitate better maneuverability in the crowded harbors where it earned its keep.

We're painting the hull after we painted the inside. We have also installed oarlock sockets on the rails. I'll put some action shots up with a performance review come Monday.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rapid progress on a Reuel Parker periagua

We had a good day today in the Boatsmith shop.We scarphed the plywood together and cut out the bow and stern transoms. It's a lot like the Sabot I built when I was thirteen, just stretched out a few feet. It sure goes faster with epoxy.

Here we have set the bottom and transoms and the frames on a table with blocks underneath to establish the rocker.
We then offered up some 1/4" plywood for the sides. Once they were scribed and cut out we glued them in place with super glue and little blocks of wood to hold the shape while we made epoxy fillets. A fair amount of attention was required at this point to adjust everything so that it all ended up fair and sweet.

Twas mighty warm in the Boatsmith shop today (98 degrees). The only advantage and sometime disadvantage is that epoxy goes off really fast. This means that you can't dawdle but it also means (as we prefer fast hardener) that you can really truck. Here we have epoxy filleted the inside of the hull.

Check Spelling In this shot we have taped the outside corners with 1708 6" tape and then quickly applyed a coat of microballoons tp fair the cloth in. This tape is on the heavy side but will make for a more durable hull and appling the micro ballons while the epoxy is still semicured saves us from having to sand pure fiberglass in between. All in all pretty good.

Jim Smith classic

Sometimes it seems that getting pictures of our work is real hard.This boat was built by Jim Smith Tournament Boats back in the early eighties as the Miss Broadbill.She is a 60' express model. Forward of the main cockpit is a mezzanine deck under which big motors live.Then you continue fwd and go down into the cabin.This makes for a relatively low profile with a surprising amount of interior for an express boat. Sorry about the lack of more pictures ,my battery said adios at this point. We installed teak decks on the bridge, the mezzanine and in the main cockpit of this great boat a liitle over a year ago as well as the covering boards and coamings. WE went up to Jacksonville FL this week to perform some maintenance and took this shot. Areal classic wooden boat well loved and well cared for. The teak in this picture was bleached just the day before and is now ready to be sanded smooth once again.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Building a Reuel Parker Periagua 14

I was up in Fort Pierce, FL last week to see his progress on the 45' sharpie schooner Ibis, and he showed me the small craft he is planning on using as a tender for her. It was a 14' periagua that he designed based on an old Swedish work boat. The originals had no skeg and would pivot readily. Reuel added the skeg to enhance the tracking ability of the boat.

You can see the pronounced rocker in this photo and in the photo below notice the skeg and narrow beam. Reuel says that he is very pleased with both the rowing performance and the weight carrying ability of this boat.

Another attractive feature of this tender is the all up weight is about 65 lbs.

The oarlock receivers have been changed from the plans because although they made effective outriggers they were very cumbersome and inconvenient with respect to handling and storage.

This boat also has slightly different seat/thwarts than on the plans.

All in all i was very favorably impressed with this boat and decided that it would make a great tender for the Wharram Tiki 30 that we're currently building. I will keep you posted as we build this delightful little boat.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Van deStadt Sailing Yacht by Hans Lukat for sale

This is a very nice very clean boat offered for sale by the owner builder. But this is not just any builder. It was built by Hans Lukat of Stuart Fl. Hans immigrated from Germany about 50 years ago and was already an accomplished boat builder and sailor. He spent a short while in Newport Beach Ca. before moving to Stuart. He went to work at Whittaker Boat Works, stayed there for 47 years, and retired just 3 years ago as the head carpenter. Whittaker Boat Works has been around for quite a while and has built a reputation for building some of the world's finest wooden sportfishing boats. Hans built this boat for his personal use and launched her in 1976. While he was younger and a bit more spry, he raced her throughout south Florida quite successfully, enough so that his PHRF rating was adjusted downward several times.

I became aware of this boat when Hans' son, Garry came to work with us at Boatsmith several years ago. Garry Lukat is also a very skilled and talented yacht carpenter and helped build this fine boat.

Hans is now well into his 80's and he no longer can sail this boat like he would like to, hence this special opportunity.

These pictures on the hard were taken May 5th 2008 in Stuart and show that the boat has been maintained to the highest standards.

The paint is shiny fresh Awlgrip, the varnish is spectacular and everything works like it's supposed to.

The photo above shows the forepeak where you can see the fuel tank and fuel filter. You can also see the level of finish that is evident throughout this fine vessel. Below is a shot of the portside settee. There is an identical settee to starboard with the same style of storage cubbies.

Below is a picture of the NEW 18hp Yanmar diesel engine. Sorry the photo is so bad.

Here is the galley with a two burner Primus alcohol stove.

Here is a view of the cockpit. Hans tells me that the sails are in very good shape as he has used the boat only lightly since buying new ones.

The vital statistics on this fine boat are listed below.

Length 31 ft
Beam 9 ft
Draft 5 ft
Weight 6500 lbs (Ballast 2500 lbs lead)
Construction cold molded Honduran mahogany
Mast sitka spruce
Designer Van de Stadt

If this finely built and well maintained sailing yacht piques your interest, you may contact Hans directly at 772 -335-2161. Hans tells me he is asking $25,000 but he is willing to talk. If this boat is your cup of tea then maybe your ship has come in.