Sunday, August 24, 2008

Teak deck for Pangaea 191' expidition yacht

August 18 2008

We are fabricating and installing new teak decks for several areas of the motor yacht Pangaea. Boatsmith is working for Bay Ship & Yacht at their Alameda California facility.

Here is the boat under its shrink wrap/scaffold tent. Pangaea is hauled out on a dolly on tracks that cross connect with a large scyncrolift.

We flew to Ca and made patterns and crated and shipped them back to Fl. Below is one of the piles of teak lumber used on this job.

The photo below shows us building panels. We use starboard spacers with aluminum flat bars and wooden wedges to clamp every thing up tight and straight.

Here's a larger scale view of 1/2 of one area of teak decking

Below shows sections where most of the spacers are removed after gluing on small strips of wood to hold the spacing and alignment of the individual planks. Then we fill the caulk seams with a one part silicone deck caulk from Maritime Wood Products in Stuart Fl.

Some panels made up to "finger" into the existing teak.

When the caulk cured the panels are sanded flat and smooth on a wide drum sander.
Below is about half the decking for the Pangaea

The next step is to mill out the margin stock and fit margins all around the perimeter and any mid deck protrusions. Then all of the material will be crated and shipped to Bay Ship and Yacht's Alameda Shipyard.


August 26, 2008

Here we are back at the motor yacht Pangaea currently in for refurbishing and enlargement at Bay Ship and Yacht in California. The boat is mostly painted and the staging is coming down in a few days.It's a long walk up to the sun deck, about six flights.

The shot below shows the sundeck. There used to be a hot tub in the center of this deck. This has been eliminated in favor of a large horse shoe shaped bar. We are removing enough of the existing teak planking to be able to fit in new deck planks so as to keep the same butt pattern and render the new decking indistinguishable from the original decking.

We also were requested to complete the repairs to the plywood sub deck and fairing required before installing the teak deck. In the photo below you can see the base frame for the new bar.

Here we are cutting back existing planking in a staggered pattern to conform to the existing deck. The pipes are part of the staging and are quite in the way as well as hordes of other craftsman trying to complete their work in the same area at the same time. Just a little bit more challenging than normal.

The bar base and bar stools. The sub deck is installed.