Monday, June 21, 2010

Wharram Tiki 38 Relaunched in Hawaii

Almost two years ago I had the good fortune to be doing some yacht work at Bay Ship and Yacht
in the San Fransisco Bay. This was especially cool because this was the time that Beat Rettamund and Beatriz Restrepo were launching there Tiki 38 catamaran "Aluna". Over the several course of the several months that we were working there I was able to visit with Beat and Beatriz and even attend the launching party and go on some sails. Lucky man am I.Last year they left the Bay area and sailed to Hawaii. After spending some time stocking the kitty, spreading and absorbing good energy and battling the man ,they have relaunched "Aluna" and have departed for the Southern Pacific. I am here still working and quite envious of them. They are really nice folks and if you happen to see them out there, say Hi .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wharram Tiki 38 Catamarans For Sale

This first boat appears to me to be a very clean example of a well built Tiki 38. It is ready to go in Ottawa Canada. The photos show a nice finish and good equipment. I believe he is asking around $80,000 for the boat. I expect it will have new owners soon
The Tiki 38 is one James Wharram Designs mos popular cruising designs.

This next boat is in the UK and is only partially complete. This would be a huge start to someone. This is the only photo I have seen so it is hard to judge build quality. The owner states the boat is %75 complete. I think that this is not really very accurate. He is asking $15,00 BSP or best offer.
With a tall container and some good packing I believe you could get it into one container. This would cost about $3,000 to Miami. This would not count packing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Speedboat and Genuine Risk

I really look forward to working in Cracker Boy Boat Works in Riviera Beach, FL as there are usually some cool raceboats there. I have shown some pics of Speedboat in the past. They were rigging both Speedboat and Genuine Risk. These are awesome machines.

This mast is worth more than most sailboats in the world. Five sets of spreaders, all carbon and synthetic lines, wow.
These boats have canting keels which can be levered outto windward for an immense righting force.
One of the reasons these boats come to Cracker Boy is that there is sufficient water here. This boat draws 18'.

Just barely fits into the slip for the travel lift.
There is a lot of work going on now prepping the boat to go north for this years Bermuda race and to be ready for another attempt at a trans Atlantic attempt.
I will follow with another post with some very cool photos that I snagged off the internet.