Sunday, March 30, 2008

I was asked by a friend to assist a BSA Venture post in building a raft for some friendly competetion on the Loxahatchee river. Ventures are a coed group of kids bettween 15-18 years old that is part of the Boy Scouts of America. I'm currently a cubmaster of Pack 774 in Jupiter FL and of course i said ,sure. We were able to obtain some sono tubes from the recycle depot of the Palm Beach County trash collection and these formed the basis of our design. The kids aren't yet skilled craftsman but have certainly learned some new stuff.

Here they have fiberglassed the tubes together to form two long hulls.They carved points for the bow and plugs for the stern.

You can see the points in this shot as well as the 2x6 stringers on top to recieve the deck.

Here the huuls are completed and painted. Our next build day we will attach the deck and work on a tandem bicycle powered paddle wheel propulsion system. Stay tuned