Sunday, October 19, 2008

Completing Panagea's teak deck and covering boards

We are closing in on completing our work on this superyacht. Pangaea was relaunched yesterday and then sea trialed and was pretty much unavailable to us so we had the day off.

In addition to the new teak decking and the teak decking repairs on this boat we have also contracted to fabricate and install teak covering boards and coamings on the new swim platform. Like everything else on this superyacht the swim platform is super sized as well. It is 14' long and enclosed with full bulwarks with boarding doors on each side and a pair of large doors in the transom. Below we are laminating the starboard aft corner of the coaming.

Here you can see the aft doors and the port side door as well as the size of covering boards and coamings.

The notch in the covering board is to allow the aft door ,when open, to be in line with the covering board and latch open.

Below is the covering board return. This part was made thicker and framed to visually provide some differentiation. It was also installed level so as to function as sort of an end table.

In addition to installing about 1200 sq ft of new teak decking we also were asked to sand the existing decks and repair the seam caulking as required.

The view from your knees where we spent a lot of time. From this angle it seems like acres of teak decks.

There are five deck levels on this yacht that have teak decks. From the top they are the sundeck, the bridge deck, the owners deck, the main deck, and the swim platform. The two pictures below show the port side and aft areas of the bridge deck.

These next two shots show the main deck cockpit and the starboard main side deck. It's frequently difficult for us to get good pictures of our work because as soon as we complete an area it gets covered with protective material so that other tradesmen can move in and complete their work, and then it's dark, and then the boat leaves. Oh well.

This photo show the starboard side of the owners deck.

Below is the sun deck. The pipes are for bar stools that haven't yet arrived and the stainless steel angle is the base for the new bar.

Here is Pangaea returning from a sea trial. She is certainly a pretty yacht and we have enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this project.